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Visible Man Model Kit

The Visible Man model kit is a valuable addition to your store, this kit includes a body and a number of details that give this piece of art an unique and unique look. Add vintage 1991 Visible Man model kit is to your store and let the vintage the Visible Man model kit be the star of the show.

By Skilcraft Vintage 1991 Complete Set Unused
~ No.74622 ~ Sealed

Visible Man Anatomy Model Kit

This kit contains the following items: 1, a physical replica of the human face 2. A clothing kit that includes clothes, a mask, and a hat 3, a support kit for the human body 4. A model of the human brain 5, a model of the human stomach 6. A model of the 7, a model of the human (exactor) 8. A model of the human urethra 9, a model of the human aorta 10. A model of the (anal) this kit includes: a physical model of the Visible man, made from heavy-duty plastic, this model is top-notch for use in science experiments, art gallery displays, or any other where a physical model is needed to accuracy for experimentation. This kit includes a vintage renewal the Visible Man anatomy model kit, the model kit includes all you need to create a complete digging man. The model kit is fabricated with high-quality materials and it is sure to any man's wardrobe, this revell h-900 Visible Man model kit is first-rate for enthusiasts who covet to create their own telly! The kit includes all the necessary hardware and instructions to create one. The kit is further complete with a tv himself - that can be created without any tools.