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Vintage Model Kits

Looking for an 1969 amc model car kit? Look no further than Vintage model kits! This top grade kit offers you a fantastic deal on beautiful 1969 amc model car and colors! Be sure to analyze this practical deal today.

MPC 1/25  Vintage, Arnie

MPC 1/25 Vintage, Arnie "The

By Unbranded


Vintage 1/25 AMT / ERTL Kenworth K-123 Cabover Semi Truck Model COMPLETE

Vintage 1/25 AMT / ERTL



S • Vintage Style Sticker • Decal

Discontinued Plastic Model Kits

This is a discontinued plastic model kit that was designed by Vintage revell, this kit contains a swindler ii 125 scale model, which is a weaponized sniper rifle. This kit is designed for sale to experienced model kit collectors, this is a plastic model kit from the Vintage amt 1970 series. It is an 1974 model car, it is built off of a tongue and groove 1944-1948 era engine platform. It grants the original blue and white paint, original seats, and the original headlight, it is furthermore soundless with no windows or doors. It is ready to play with its engine and all its parts, this is a rare Vintage camaro kit from the 80 S that is molded in yellow. It comes with a new driver's seat, keyhole windshield cleaner, and other goodies, the kit is still in first-rate condition, and costs only a fraction of the price of a new kit. This is a Vintage nos sealed amt 66 mustang hardtop plastic car model kit 2207 3 available, it is an excellent addition to Vintage car collection. This model kit contains all the features and features for purchase at a fraction of the cost of a typical car model kit, it is a practical substitute for folks who appreciate cars, or those who desire to add a touch of luxury to their collection.