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Bandai Clone Trooper Model Kit

This Bandai Clone Trooper model kit is a delicious scouring little guy! Made from high-quality plastic, he comes with all the features you need to become a star role model for your favorite characters! Plus, Bandai star wars Clone Trooper black series scale action figure model kit comes with a corresponding suit, helmet, and overalls! This is a first-class substitute to up the ante up your Clone Trooper game and give your favorite characters the respect they need.

Bandai Model Kit Clone Trooper

This is a valuable opportunity to get your hands on an amazing Bandai 112 Clone Trooper model kit! This kit is plastic model kit that is based on the character of the same name from the star wars series, it is manufactured in a top grade way, with valuable pose and beautiful features. This kit includes all the necessary tools and tools to practical its create! This is a plastic model kit that contains the Clone Trooper model, this model kit is fabricated of plastic and grants a clear top to see the plastic. The Clone Trooper grants a blue and yellow light up eyes and a blue and yellow stripe down his side, he extends a blue and yellow stripe down his side as well as a blue and yellow stripe in front of his head. His arms have blue and yellow stripes running down them, his hands have blue and yellow stripes running down them. His armor presents green and blue stripes running down them, his weapon of way is a blue and yellow stripe down his chest. This model kit offers a many parts with different details and colors, the star wars Clone Trooper scale model kit is an enticing alternative to get your mind and body 80% into star wars action while having a simple purpose - to model the 212 th airborne trooper. This kit comes with a surrogate of color scheme and features a real-world replica of the orange and yellow and orange and green ledges on the hills terrain, the trooper's training and battle skills are also put into use on many a battlefield. Get ready to fight through star wars model kit's! This Bandai 112 Clone Trooper plastic model kit star wars new in box, is designed to look and feel like the real thing by producing a high degree of accuracy and real-world feel. This is no mean accomplishment, but it means everything in the out-of-the-box fun that is the star wars galaxy, with it, we have taken on the challenge of creating a high-quality, original to toy that anyone can enjoy.