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Babylon 5 Model Kits

This babylon 5 starfury spaceship is a perfect choice for your next purchase! It's perfect for the enthusiast who wants to create a unique display or as a commonia for your political rally. This spaceship comes with 6 models (2 air and 2 land) to ensure that you can build it to your own specifications. The s-23e mitchell-hyundyne is a sleek and powerful spaceship that is perfect for any activity you might want todo.

Hyperion Cruiser Babylon 5 (3FF)

Hyperion Cruiser Babylon 5 (3FF)

By Redshirtmodels


Warlock Class Cruiser Babylon 5 Model

Revell Babylon 5 Model Kit

Therevell babylon 5 model kit is a great way to get up-close and personal with the events of the babylon 5 season. This kit comes with a variety of parts that can be used in various ways, making it a great addition for any model shop or collector of babylon 5 models. therevell babylon 5 model kit contains all the necessary parts to create a number of different models. This model kit comes with the main character of the season, the captain of the ship, as well as all the units and gadgets that were used in the show. This model kit comes with athinking of the actor who created the character, david heyman, and the show's writer, johnich. The revell babylon 5 model kit also comes with a letter from showrunner david heyman,

Babylon 5 Model Kit

The revell monogram 1998 babylon 5 space station model kit is a great way to get your space station model kit in the perfect condition! This kit includes a sealed 85-3622 buildup, making it a great choice for the space station lover in your life. With this model kit, you can get your perfect space station model with perfect details and perfect value. this is a set of five resin prop model kits of the character babylon 5. Dennbok ranger pin, a key ring, a shoulder bag and a set of instructions. the babylon 5 model kits are designed to help you build your own elijah wood-era babylon 5 starfury! Includes everything you need to build your own, includingmodel kits. these model kits are made to kit in your own air-conditioned home and come with all the features of the popular babylon 5 show character vessel. With her tall, cylindrical head and pair of spindly arms, the babylon 5 model kit is designed to provide a close-knit community of fans and fans of her genre-changing role in the series.