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Aurora Model Kits

Aurora model kits is a first-class place to find all you need to create your own incredible comics scenes and Aurora 1974 action figures! Our tools and resources make creating your own is uncomplicated and fun.

Planet Of The Apes General Ursus Playing Mantis 2000 Complete
New Atlantis Presale Ships April 2022 Aurora

Metaluna Mutant Model Kit New

By Atlantis Models


#739-250  1:13 Model   Sealed
Re-issue Of The Original 1966 Aurora Kit

Moebius Models Superboy Model Kit

By Moebius Models


James Bond Goldfinger  Aurora Re-issue From Polar Lights

ODD JOB Model Kit James

By Polar Lights


Aurora Frankenstein Model Kit

The kit from the resources above is a high quality kit that will add a touch of luxury to your 1972 car or home else that needs a glow, the kit is factory sealed and comes with a high quality manual and all necessary tools. The kit is again lightweight and facile to take on and off, this model kit is of a vampirella-style plastic toy character from the 1960 it features a bright Aurora power up toy openable backpack with a variety of accessories available, including a piercing and a place for a digital camera. In addition, there's a full range of included parts for the toy to play with, from its own five legs and two creators guide parts up to all the substitute to the entire toy itself, model kit from the toy's creator, bob the toyman. This kit includes all the features of the regular model kit, including a backpack, a tv, a camera, and a variety of other accessories, the Aurora universal monster model kits are top-of-the-heap alternative for any modeler searching for vintage 1964- 1966 Aurora batman robin all-plastic model kits sealed model! This model kit is fabricated of 100 original factory sealed kit items! It is an excellent addition to collection.