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Apollo Saturn V Model Kit

This apollo scale model kit is perfect for anyone interested in space exploration and has perfect condition for $uzzy's budget! This is a great way to build this space shuttle and more! This kit comes with the rocket, rocket engine, saturniv notebook, iva o-ring, howard-lawsky memorial cup, and more! This is a great kit for anyone interested in space exploration!

Apollo Rocket Model Kit

The apollo rocket kit is a great way to get started with space exploration! This kit comes with everything you need to build your own apollo rocket! You can also customize your own rocket by adding your own personal design! This is a great kit for both beginner and experienced space explorers!

Apollo Saturn V Rocket Model Kit

This is a new apollo saturn 5 plastic model kit that is 04805 - scale model - kit. This model is sewn onto the bottom of the model case so it is easy to find and to assemble. The kit includes all the parts necessary to form a complete model of the apollo saturn 5 spacecraft. The model kit comes with a cases and packaging for easy shipping and storage. This is a great little rocket kit that is perfect for those who want to learn aboutsaturn v flying model rocket development! The kit comes with a rocket engine, gear, andcharger, and is even includes asaturn v flying model complier! This is a great way to learn about theprocessing of flyby errors and how to perform the take off and landing process- wrap up the set for now and become better prepared for your next saturn v flying model rocket development project! this is a 1969 vintage apollo saturn v model kit. This kit includes a 2nd rocket unit - another version of the saturn v launch system. The kit includes all the hardware and components necessary to create your own apollo saturn v model. The kit takes about two months to build, and is affordably priced. I highly recommend this kit for anyone interested in the apollo saturn v launch system. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with your apollo saturn v model kit ingredients and also get started with your kit. You will also have some good at-home use for your micro maxi micro model rockets. This is a great way to get started with model kit building and help support the space program.