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Dirt Track Race Car Model Kits

This dirt track race car kit from rat trap vega is perfect for those who want to buy a new car. This car is perfect for those who want to hold to their racecars and their old cars. This car is built with quality in every kit and is sure to make a big impact in your car collection.

Dirt Race Car Model Kits

The dirt race car model kits are perfect for anyone looking to create a one-of-a-kind race car! From beginning to end, these kits are built from high-quality materials and with the ability to be customized in every way, the kit is sure to make you a champion at the races!

Modified Race Car Model Kits

The steve kinson sprint car is a modified race car that was built by monogram world of outlaw paintings. The car is designed to race in the monogram world of outlaw races, where cars are raced against each other in a sprint style race. the dirt late model kits are designed for the 2004 amt ertl rat trap vega model king kit. These models are usually built from high-quality materials and are sure to provide some hindering fun. this is a dirt track model kit that we can use to modified stock cars and cars that are in vintage or restored condition. The kit comes with a sealed box that provides protection for the kit from weathering and other damage. the modified model kit for the ford pinto ridge runner, designed to increase performance and improve fuel economy. This kit includes added studs and brackets to increase the car's strength and stability, and a new drive shaft. The kit also includes a new interior, complete with a number of fastening pin holes and a variety of other finishing details to bring the car up to frontal areaconforming to club rules.